Welcome to Modified Home. We're Glad You're Here.

We are huge fans of the "adopt, don't shop" mantra when it comes to furnishing a home or office.  Our main focus is in finding beautiful and unique vintage items for our shop.  Although we keep a stellar inventory of items for sale, we also love to source specific pieces for our clients. 

In addition, we do occasionally take on a design project with that same mantra in mind.  We aren't against the new stuff, we just prefer to recycle, reuse and repurpose when possible.  


While some items are sold as we've found them, others we use highly skilled craftsmen to update with new fabrics, stains or paint. Everything is done on an as-needed basis.


Tie it all together with the perfect complimentary pieces. From rugs to lamps, we have an eye for the little things as well.  


Regardless of whether you just need help restoring your current dining chairs or if you'd like to completely transform your whole home, we're here to help. No job is too large or small.