At Modified Home, we enjoy taking forgotten pieces and breathing life into them.

Sometimes it's a little cleaning and other times it's a complete overhaul. Regardless, you get a beautiful item that no one else on the block will have. Think of it as a way to 'adopt, don't shop' when buying furniture. 

In general, we try to not alter the original state of our inventory beyond a light cleaning. We’re in the camp that a little wear gives them character and is just another part of their story.

Occasionally though, something may just be in too bad of shape and needs an overhaul. In these instances, we use highly-skilled, local craftsmen to reupholster, stain, paint or lacquer our furniture. They love us for bringing them business, and we love them because they do amazing work.  People helping people.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our inventory. You are welcome to purchase it as is, or we can arrange to refinish it in any style you might have in mind.  

You can visit our Instagram page, @modified_home, for a full view of our inventory, pricing and coming events. For our higher-end items, please visit our page on Chairish here.

See below for some of our recent additions.